washed in blue for apostrophe’s amplify mag
an invitation to explore emotion through color.
set in shades of blue, these vignettes feature subjects in recognition of both longing and wonder.

“and so I fell in love with a color - in this case, the color blue - as if falling under a spell, a spell I fought to stay under, in turns.” - Maggie Nelson from Bluets

“je suis hante. l’azur! l’azur! l’azur! ...for who could be so concerned about a flower in this world? and I’ve never heard of anyone being in love with a flower. nonetheless, he devotes his life to searching for it.” - Maggie Nelson from Bluets

Photographs and Styling: Jennelle Fong
Talent: Franki Lefebre
Casting: Rebel Casting
Makeup: Yasara Gunawardena
Props: PropLink
Flowers: Fleurmetz
Pear Bite Candle: Altra Object