Jennelle is a photographer and artist based in Los Angeles.

She is a proud Chinese-American woman - identifiers from which she draws deep inspiration. She loves watching light move throughout the day and will always interrupt friends mid-sentence to take their photo. Currently, she also runs Sabbatical Studio, a community space that encourages artists to experiment and take breaks away from the routine as a method towards creative rejuvenation.

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2019, Lolita Go Home, The Residue Collective x Art Share LA Gallery, curated by Kara Vorabutr, Los Angeles, California, USA

2019, loves me loves me not, loves me zine release x Sabbatical Studio, curated by Jenevieve Ting and Nikita Lamba, Los Angeles, California, USA

        2018, Still "Life", Mars on Venus Gallery, curated by Cat                               Morrison, Tel Aviv, Israel

2019, Asian America: THE FUTURE IS NOW Art Journal, Print only

2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 - loves me loves me not

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