ruby ibarra, faith santilla, and klassy for hypebae

“I truly realized how important it is for immigrants to share their stories, especially at this given time in this country. When I think about America, or rather, American history, I think that these textbooks [don't always tell the stories of] women and people of color. I would like to think that through rap, we are claiming our names and re-writing history on our own terms. If we don’t write about us, who will?”
- Ruby Ibarra

“If someone gives me hate,
I will turn it into something great and put it in on my next album.
 I tackle it through music. 
I don’t waste my energy, baby.
I recycle it.”
- Klassy

“Vibrate higher than the nonsense. Study, write and perform about injustice and practice being so undeniably dope. Create art that no one can deny is exclusively yours. All artists want others to believe in their work, so if you want people to believe you, you better speak and perform as you believe in yourself.”
- Faith Santilla